New Guests!

Join us in welcome our final guest announcements, G.M. Berrow, and Eile Monte!

Click on their picture to read up on their Profiles!



Parking Options!


Parking Options

This website has ALL the parking in the Milwaukee downtown area. Click the link above to view!

Want to see what parking we have that is in walking distance from the Hyatt? Head to our Parking page view the list!

(Parking at the Hyatt is $20 a night)

Final Performer & DJ list announed!


Game Room Updates

Hi everypony! We know that you’re eager for news about what kinds of fun gaming activities we’re going to have at Ponyville Ciderfest. So we’ve got some great news for you!

We’ve updated our gaming page with some new information, lots of new games, and tons more interesting things to read; including a picture of the Ponyville Ciderfest-exclusive TSSSF Promo Card featuring DustyKatt! Go check it out!

Grand Galloping Gala