This last weekend was more incredible than we could have possibly hoped for, and all your comments and shares make it look like you agree too!

Since it’s Thanksgiving we wanted to express our appreciation and thank those that helped make ‪#‎PCF2015‬ possible, starting with a few special nods:

Special thanks go to The Shake Ups for stepping up and entertaining our attendees during the power issue. You are in a rare class of awesome!

Special thanks to DJ Sleepypony for helping solve the hotel’s power issue. The concert most likely would not have happened without you!

And special thanks to Jake “kwirkyj” Smith, the gentleman that volunteered to teach our waltz lesson when our planned instructor fell ill!

Thanks to Ashleigh Ball & Rebecca Shoichet – Your talent and kindness is immeasurable. People are still thanking us for your singalong!

Thanks to Tabitha St. Germain, Peter New & Maryke Hendrikse – You are as gifted as you are gracious, & we are fortunate to have had you with us!

Thanks to Jenn Blake & Ralph Streich from RED Talent Management for sharing your knowledge and insight with our attendees, and for inspiring others to be creative!

Thanks to ACRacebest and Saberspark – it wouldn’t be a pony con without your delightful antics. Please never stop being you!

Thanks to PaleoSteno, Josh “The Fiery Joker” Scorcher, Immatoonlink, ToonKriticY2K, BVids, and all the other panelists that entertained our attendees!

Thanks to Silver Games and all the other dungeon masters and game runners for providing even more entertainment for everyone to enjoy!

Thanks to My Little Ties and all the other artists and creators for making up one of the best vendor halls we’ve ever seen!

Thanks to Spike Firemane and everyone else that donated or participated in the charity auction. Your generosity would make Rarity proud!

Thanks to Tetsuo the robot., Garnika, [d.notive], and all the other musicians that made our concert a success despite the power issues!

Thanks to our chairs Corey Wood, Charlie Worthley and the 70+ volunteer staff that worked so hard on #PCF2015! Your efforts are appreciated!

Thanks to our good friends from MLP Minneapolis/St.Paul, Everfree Northwest, andMidwest Brony Fest – Kansas City for hanging out with us – best of luck to you on your cons as well!

Finally, the most thanks goes to our all our attendees, and most of all to our sponsors. Without you none of this would have been possible!

Stay tuned for more news about 2016, but until then, one more time: thanks to you all from everyone at #PCF2015!


We’ve posted our schedules so you can all start planning your weekends!


Panel and Event Descriptions

Special Events


Kids Activities

Pub Trot

If you’re checking in to the hotel on Thursday and are looking for something to do that night, we have you covered! Join us as we take you on a Pub Trot around to some of the best local watering holes around Ponyville Ciderfest!

This event is ONLY for Ponyville Ciderfest badge holders that are 21+ years old!

Those wishing to join MUST request a FREE ticket via our registration page and agree to the enclosed waivers!

Check out the event page for more info!

Community Guests

Kicking off a week full of our remaining announcements, here are the rest of our community guests!

We’ve already announced The Shake Ups in Ponyville, ACRacebest and Saberspark, and now adding to our already huge list of guests, here are the rest of the great members of the My Little Pony Community that will be joining us at Ponyville Ciderfest 2015!


Fiery JokerThe Firey Joker

(YouTube Reviewer and Creator)

Introduced to Friendship is Magic during his time in the Marine Corps, Josh Scorcher is one of the founding members of military brony group FOB Equestria.

While he makes episode reviews on his own channel, poking fun at the show in an over-the-top cartoony manner, he contributes (slightly) more serious analysis on his series “Taking Too Seriously” on the FOB’s channel, and is one of the writers for the TF2 Analysis Anarchy series.




(YouTube Creator)

PaleoSteno, known as Paleo for short, is a YouTuber known for making vlogs on all sorts of subjects from cartoons to movies and of course, ponies.

He’s often worked together with Saberspark on projects such as The Brony Chronicles and co-hosts with him on podcasts.







Fillies and Gentlecolts, Ciderfest brings to you ToonKriticY2K! Toon, or TK as he’s been called, has been doing reviews for over 5 years on just technicolor ponies but also on other various animated content.  You may recognize this top hat wearing stallion from collabs with a whose-who lineup of reviewers ranging from Silver Quill, Joshscorcher, Dr Wolf, Goldenfox, and Voice of Reason.

Toon brings his knowledge and expertise with his how-to panels to show others how to improve their content and also give advice to newcomers and veterans alike. Filled with energy and charisma, Toon brings the fun to Ponyville Ciderfest and as the Colt of Personality, he’s doing so for your entertainment!




SpikeFiremaneSpike Firemane

(Artist, Community Ambassador)

A Long Island woodcarver for the past eight years, three of which have focused on carving ponies for the voice actors, show staff, and for charity.

His carvings have raised over $7,000 for various charities, and his work has been featured on Equestria Daily!





David SilverDavid Silver from Silver Games

(Game Creator)

Eager game player for over 20 years, with most of them spent casually designing games for his own use. Ponyfinder is a project reaching towards its 5th year, bringing equine adventure to the classically humanoid-dominated world of Pathfinder/Dungeons and Dragons, where it was meant to be.





Igor BassIgor Bass from MyLittleTies


World traveler, photographer, tie designer and VR world maker, Igor has been in the fandom since late 2011. A lack of pony formalwear led to the creation of My Little Ties, which has since expanded to include shiny pins and fancy drinkware.

In addition to the fine haberdashery, he has also now created a virtual reality MLP inspired world, on the reasoning that if we are to eventually have an AI singularity, it should definitely include ponies, and you can visit his VR creation in the vendor hall throughout the con!






BVids is a YouTuber who has created viral videos within the community, such as Derp Face, Six[PMV], and xXxTurnDown4(Hwut) 20DankScopeFazeClanTryoutsxXx.

Having created many shorts for 3 of the popular Anthology series, he also appeared in ACRacebest’s vlogs and reacts and created various PMVs and comedy videos for the community.

He is also Saberspark‘s better looking brother who can bench press 600 pounds.







Viva Reverie, more well known around the internet as “IMMATOONLINK”, is an Australian community animator, best known for making weird short strange pony animations, ranging from “A little weird” to “Completely incomprehensible”.

His videos over time have covered a wide range of categories, some of his more notable works include “Princess Celestia Being Deep”, “We’re Going for a Ride”, the collaborative work “The Shipping Game”, and, although not an animation, the aptly named “Let’s fly to the castle”. His videos are all simple short bursts of entertainment, not made to impress, simply made to make people laugh, that or to elicit a confused “…What?

acracebest and saberspark

ACRacebest and Saberspark are coming to Ponyville Ciderfest! We are officially a My Little Pony convention now!

Well, we were already a My Little Pony con, but an MLP con without Community Guests and YouTube power duo ACRacebest and Saberspark just isn’t the same. Can you picture an MLP con without any of their video blogs, or their panel commentary? Or… GASP… without them hosting a Whose Line panel?!? Fear not, dear convention guests, we have you covered!

ACRacebest is a Mechanical Engineer best known for his YouTube series “Bronies React.” He specializes in destroying cars, trying to be funny and wishing he had any friends. With an accumulated 12 million views online, he continues to produce comedy sketches, vlogs, and more, while entertaining live audiences on multiple stages and venues.

Saberspark is a YouTuber with a bad case of A.D.D. From documentaries to comedy skits, this guy can never stay in the same place for too long and is always on the move with random ideas. Saber is also a frequent guest on ACRacebest’s series “Bronies React.” He is also hot and can bench press 500 pounds.

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